Well, we just had to go to Roswell, New Mexico.  I mean, why not? It was just about a 40 minute detour on our way to White Sand Dunes National Monument.  Thanks Chris for the idea! If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have these ridiculous photos!

By mid-afternoon we left Carlsbad Caverns and made a brief visit (literally less than an hour) to Roswell.  With the limited time we had, we only made it to Alien Zone, a silly tourist trap where one can spend $3 to take a bunch of campy pictures and get a decent laugh.  Not much else to say, so enjoy!

IMG_8944 IMG_8945 IMG_8947 20141210_162214 IMG_8949 20141210_162614 IMG_8951 20141210_162818 20141210_162901 IMG_8955 IMG_8957IMG_8970IMG_8963

To top it off, we got some fries and Coke at the UFO-shaped McDonalds down the street. 20141210_164506

And then we were finally off to White Sand Dunes National Monument!


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