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Finding, Buying, & Selling a RV in Germany

We sure learned a lot after searching, buying, registering, driving, and living in a RV in Germany and throughout Europe, and then advertising, selling, and transferring the RV when we finished the journey.  I hope the information below helps anyone … Continue reading

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Getting A Long Stay Visa For Europe

I made an ignorant American mistake.  I assumed that with my U.S. passport, I could travel all throughout Europe visa-free, hassle-free, for as long as I wanted.  It was the last part where I was oh so very wrong. Exactly … Continue reading

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When we started our Euro-road trip in February 2016, our first stop was Prague after buying a motorhome in Berlin. Along the way, we passed through Dresden, a city unknown to us yet big enough to be labeled on Germany’s … Continue reading

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The Black Forest

After spending a week in the Austrian and Swiss Alps, I knew no hike in Germany’s remote, southwestern Black Forest would leave a lasting impression on us.  But we weren’t there for the hikes, despite the nature-bound name.  We came for … Continue reading

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Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen Valley. This is why people come to Switzerland.  To soak in Switzerland’s widely known natural wonder, to admire one of the rare valleys arguably more beautiful than Yosemite, to fly, to jump, to hike. We had arrived to Lauterbrunnen Valley … Continue reading

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We spent one night in the unimaginably beautiful village of Grindelwald. Why? Because we found that hunkering down in our motorhome and illegally “camping” in the Grindelwald Grund rail station for only 6 CHF/24 hours was easy, despite all the … Continue reading

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Trift Bridge

At 170 meters (560 feet) long, the Trift Bridge is the longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps.  All aspects of the bridge are incredible–the drive to the bridge, then the hike (or chair lift + hike if you … Continue reading

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