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Copacabana and Isla del Sol

I write this after having visited Lake Titicaca on both Bolivian and Peruvian sides. Whereas the Peruvian side stirs the fascination for indigenous culture, the Bolivian side captivates the eyes with its picturesque scenery.  Lake Titicaca is a popular resort town for … Continue reading

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Yungas Road

One outdoor adventure excursion offered daily from numerous tourist companies in La Paz is advertised as “Biking Down The Most Dangerous Road In The World.”  This road, Yungas Road, is located in the town of Coroico approximately 60 kilometers northeast of … Continue reading

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La Paz

After 2 months in modern Chile and Argentina, I was excited for some culture (despite the long and unnecessarily tedious visa process for Americans).  Research on Bolivia made me assume there were similarities to Southeast Asia with regard to street … Continue reading

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Lauca National Park

Literally every other traveller I met told me they had never heard of Lauca National Park when I told them that it would be our final destination in Chile before departing for La Paz, Bolivia. In the process of figuring … Continue reading

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Off-Roading To Uyuni

One of the many highlights of South America is the 3-day/2-night or 4-day/3-night off-roading adventure from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile to Uyuni, Bolivia.  The days are filled with incredible panoramas of deserts, volcanoes, lagoons, salt flats, geysers, wild animals, … Continue reading

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San Pedro de Atacama

Going from one remote place to another wasn’t difficult; we had grown accustomed to marked up food, items, and lodging due to the necessity of hauling in products from major cities. However the difference between Easter Island and San Pedro … Continue reading

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Fun On Easter Island

There is so much more to Easter Island than all the moai statues—the cycling, the hiking, the beaches. In my post about Easter Island On A Budget, I lay out all the logistics and costs associated with the trip, but … Continue reading

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Easter Island On A Budget

Just like anywhere you travel for vacation or adventure, you can spend money lavishly or frugally, but Easter Island’s reputation comes with a hefty price tag. Due to the remoteness of Easter Island (smack center in the Pacific Ocean with … Continue reading

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