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Day tours from Chachapoyas to Kuelap, the largest pre-Incan ruins in South America, must only appeal to people with little time; they depart every morning and return every evening for 6 hours of just driving roundtrip.  After having spent the past … Continue reading

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Buses And A Waterfall

Although both situated in remote areas of northern Peru, I had to make the effort to visit both the Cordillera Blanca in the north and Chachapoyas in the far north due their sites.  While the Cordillera Blanca holds what some … Continue reading

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The Cordillera Blanca

Upon looking at the calendar I saw that we were more than halfway into our 5-month long South American adventure.  Time was running out!  We quickly blew through the dismal capital of Lima and made it to the pretty, little … Continue reading

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Not far south from Lima along the coast of Peru lies the noisy, chaotic city of Ica.  My reason for stopping by Ica (and I’m assuming this is the same reason for most tourists) was to see Huacachina, a tiny … Continue reading

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The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail vs. Salkantay “Do the Salkantay Trek instead,” they said. “It’s much less crowded than the Inca Trail,” they said. “The Inca Trail was completely booked, so we did the Salkantay Trek instead, and we’re so glad we … Continue reading

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Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Everyone was right about Cusco. It’s a gorgeous, lively city. And it’s touristy as fuck. Machu Picchu to South America is like Angkor Watt to Southeast Asia.  Annoying touts, rip offs, lying tour companies, endless jam-packed tourist vans, and flag waving … Continue reading

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Arequipa and El Misti

The 6-hour bus ride from Cabanaconde to Arequipa was straight forward (and cheap at only 17 soles or ~$5) and by nightfall we arrived to what ended up being our favorite city in South America thus far. Arequipa, the second largest city … Continue reading

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