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“You have to make it to Brittany,” a friend told me. Even my relatives in Lille highly recommended it. So I did a little reading and off we went to the Atlantic coast! And to our convenience, the highlights of … Continue reading

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I remember watching Saving Private Ryan when I was a 13-year-old kid, unaware of the significance and meaning of D-Day, June 6, 1944, on the German-occupied French shores. I also never imagined that I would ever visit that same cemetery in … Continue reading

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Paris, The Overrated City

I don’t know, maybe everyone hyped it up too much for me. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe spending time in Prague, Munich, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and London in the past 1.5 months prior to arriving to Paris spoiled the … Continue reading

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With the city of Lille’s proximity to the Belgian border, I wouldn’t be surprised if the locals of Lille had a closer connection to Belgium than France. Either way, the stereotypical scenes of charming France awaited us for our first … Continue reading

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Why is there a popular little city in southwest England called Bath?  Because of the natural hot baths the Romans built in A.D. 60!  Ancient Roman baths have been built all throughout Europe during the Roman empire, but the baths … Continue reading

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Stonehenge and Avebury

It wasn’t until we decided to visit England when I looked up information about Stonehenge. We’re talking about 7 days before arrival. -___- First, I learned that advanced ticket purchase was required, specifically during the high season. Fortunately the chilly … Continue reading

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“There’s no way we’re going to the UK. Not enough time, and not enough money.” Well, we said those exact words in 2015 for the Galapagos and we ended up on a last minute cruise through those islands. It ended … Continue reading

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We had never heard of Ghent until a native Belgian whom we met in Copenhagen told us that we had to visit Ghent during our stopover in Belgium. Then when we hung out at a tourist information center in Brussels, … Continue reading

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What’s there not to like about the land of waffles, fries, chocolates, and beer? Sure, perhaps the variety of waffle shops only fills the streets of Brussels to cater to tourists, but we sure didn’t mind. With the costs of transportation … Continue reading

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Replicas of Dutch windmills are strewn about the U.S., painting a clear picture of what Dutch windmills should look like.  Of course, while traveling throughout Europe, we knew that a trip in The Netherlands would be incomplete without a leisurely stroll through … Continue reading

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