Replicas of Dutch windmills are strewn about the U.S., painting a clear picture of what Dutch windmills should look like.  Of course, while traveling throughout Europe, we knew that a trip in The Netherlands would be incomplete without a leisurely stroll through a windmill-filled Danish countryside.  Fortunately for us tourists, The Netherlands packs quite a bit into its compact country, and the popular windmill park of Kinderdijk does not require a long journey from Rotterdam nor Amsterdam.  As the town boasts the largest concentration of old windmills in The Netherlands (19 windmills to be exact), it is definitely worth seeing.

To my surprise, it cost us nothing to walk along the riverbanks of windmills.  Sure, there was paid parking, but there was also plenty of free street parking.  There was only a €5 fee for a hop-on/hop-off boat tour, or a €7.50 fee to preview the windmill museum. Strolling along the promenade of Danish windmills suited us just perfectly, especially since the sun occasionally peeked out of the clouds for wonderful photo opportunities.

If only a simple walk suits you, then you only need 1.5-2 hours to enjoy Kinderdijk.  This place was a photographer’s haven.  I hope you enjoy a sample of my favorite photos.


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