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People only come to Siem Reap for one reason: the wats, known as the Angkor Archeological Complex. Tickets are expensive by SE Asian standards—a 1-day pass is $20, a 3-day pass is $40, and a 7-day pass is $70. We … Continue reading

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There is no pleasant way to cross the border by land into Cambodia. I’ve heard and read so many bad stories of scams, so I figured purchasing slightly more expensive bus tickets from a Western-run business would guarantee a smooth journey. … Continue reading

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Poor Mr. Jefferson

Funny fact: In Cambodia the US Dollar reigns. Just the paper kind, though; in place of coins they use Cambodian Riel ($0.25 = 1,000 Riel). Jean received a $2 bill as change at a restaurant yesterday. Today I tried to … Continue reading

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