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Ancient Delphi

The Greeks once considered Delphi, which took on its religious significance around 800 B.C, to be the center of the world.  It held the seat of the Oracle, whose decisions and predictions for individuals as well as the state significantly impacted ancient classical Greece. … Continue reading

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Meteora is one of those places you’d never hear about until you come to Greece.  It’s quite strange that that’s the case, especially after you gaze across the valley of monastery-topped monoliths and become filled with the same spiritual, enigmatic … Continue reading

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Southern Albania

Roadtripping along the Mediterranean from Spain to Greece meant we were going to see Southern Albania no matter what.  At first I planned to breeze through Albania straight to Greece, but then I remembered not to overestimate the conditions of … Continue reading

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Shkoder and Tirana

I’ll be honest. Compared to other major cities in any European country, Shokoder and Tirana were quite abysmal, but I can’t blame a recent post-communist/post-totalitarian country for not offering much to the wandering traveller.  Sure, there were notable sites of interest, and … Continue reading

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Lake Koman and the Albanian Alps

When it comes to the Albanian Alps, it’s tough to say what is the highlight—the journey or the destination. Getting there entails a long day of transpotation: Shkoder -> Lake Koman -> Fierze -> Bajram Curri -> Valbona. Most people … Continue reading

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During our passing through of Montenegro en route from Croatia to Albania, we made a stop in Montenegro’s popular town, Kotor.  Day trippers from cruise ships and Dubrovnik flooded this town, but its old town and classic hike up the … Continue reading

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There’s nothing new to say about the most glorified old city in Croatia (perhaps even in all of Europe!).  Absolutely stunning and breathtaking, but expensive and crowded.  Our day spent in Dubrovnik was on a rainy Monday in June and it … Continue reading

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Off the Beaten Path Croatia

Getting off the beaten path in Croatia is truly the best way to fall in love with Croatia. I’m not exaggerating.  Seriously.  After spending time in somewhat well-trodden Pula in the Istria peninsula and the super well-trodden Split, and knowing … Continue reading

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When I read that Mostar was not only Bosnia’s most beautiful (and visited) city but also the most devastated city during the Bosnian Civil War, I knew I had to see it. I bookmarked it on my map, and found … Continue reading

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I found Split to be somewhat pleasant but more so underwhelming, perhaps due to having roadtripped around Europe the past four months.  Croatia has been a hot tourist destination for a long time now, so it’s no surprise that everyone … Continue reading

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