Benidorm (Serra Gelada)

Breaking up the lengthy drive between Granada and Barcelona meant random short stops along the Spanish coast, which meant seeing more of tourist-free Spain.  Upon looking at the map, the coastal park of Serra Gelada caught my eye and we ended up spending some time in Benidorm and its park.  Unfortunately more time was needed to hike across the entire park (8 km, 4 hours, 1-way only), so we opted for a short walk instead.  Fortunately, there were still awesome views.

Walking through downtown Benidorm reminded us of a spring break getaway…for the Brits.  English pubs and young British people galore, dressed as if it was 25°C when it was really a brisk 17°C.  Casinos and numerous tacky skyscrapers added to the hoopla.  Had it been summer, I’m sure it would have felt like Mexico!

Here are just a few pictures from our short walk along the Serra Gelada coast.

A strong and healthy 71-year old Belgian man on holiday even hiked with us, leading the way and quickly scrambling up over rocks.  He even preferred the difficult path over the well-trodden path because it was more “sporty.”  He had been vacationing in Benidorm for 4 months, and spent everyday hiking in the area, off trails and up peaks.  His strength and enthusiasm for the outdoors was proof that age is nothing but a number and an inspiration to continue living the life the way that we do.

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