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Santiago de Cuba

It really wasn’t until Santiago de Cuba when we finally got a feel for the real Cuba. Not because the city seems to see fewer tourists than Havana, or because its cultural influences come from primarily Jamaica, Haiti, and Africa, or … Continue reading

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Even with the busloads of tourists and hustlers, I was able to sample the time-warp of Trinidad merely by strolling through the quaint cobblestone historic center and biking gently through the hot and dusty narrow streets. The well-preserved colonial architecture … Continue reading

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Bay of Pigs (Playa Giron)

Yes, it was quite the fiasco back in 1961 when the Kennedy administration attempted and failed to overthrow Cuba and Fidel.  Now to our amusement the former Bay of Pigs battle site is home to Cuba’s most accessible dive sites. … Continue reading

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In the far west of Cuba in the Pinar del Rio province lie the 11km x 5km limestone karst mountains of Valle de Viñales similar to those of Vietnam and Laos.  Apparently this is the best place in the world … Continue reading

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Most tourists fly into Havana, the capital of Cuba. Beyond the stifling summer heat and lively, gritty streets, Havana is simply put…BEAUTIFUL. Tall, historic buildings that serve primarily as small homes line the narrow streets of Havana Vieja. Rotund, topless … Continue reading

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Cuba – Know Before You Go

In late 2014 we toyed with the idea of visiting Cuba during our 5 months of South American travel. Only a couple months later in 2015 when Obama made it public that he wanted to lift the Cuban embargo, we … Continue reading

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