Devil’s Tower

One hell of an interesting rock formation is Devil’s Tower, located in northeastern Wyoming.  Rising 1,267 ft. over its surrounding terrain, Devil’s Tower isn’t difficult to spot from the approaching roads.IMG_1444

It is worth the quick stop and walk-around for a closer look at the rock details and columns.IMG_0218IMG_0221

In addition to the short trail, there are a number of interpretive signs encircling the rock tower that lay out the history of spiritual use by Native Americans. Had I been a rock climber, I probably would have found Devil’s Tower to be more interesting. But other than that, what you see is exactly what it is; there is nothing more for the outdoor enthusiast.

Within the surrounding area was the real “Wild West” culture–Wyoming country at its finest. It was autumn when we visited, which meant hunting season.  Most city folks and people from the Bay Area would be horrified if they saw what we saw on the roads during the day, but we were thoroughly amused and appreciated the culture.  Albeit completely legal, I imagine there would be endless riots and pointless protests if a vegetarian-vegan, gluten-free, gentrified-city dweller witnessed a passing truck loaded with deer carcasses and blood dripping out of it.IMG_1438IMG_1440

Devil’s Tower is worth dropping by if its location is convenient.  Otherwise, my favorite place in Wyoming (and one of my favorite national parks) is The Grand Tetons.

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