We were both young professionals [Disney and Microsoft], Ironman triathletes [Ironman Lake Tahoe 2013], and regular skydivers [500+ skydives each] until March 2014 when we decided to do the whole quit-your-job-and-travel-around-the-world thing.

Chris is still a young professional [self employed software developer], and both of us are currently world travelers.  We like to return to what we call home [San Francisco, CA] in mid-August for Burning Man [we have been attendees for 6+ years].  We also own a Scamp trailer named Scromp and enjoy road trips around the U.S. with him.

Our travels include:
Mar – Aug 2014: Backpacking Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Japan
Sept – Dec 2014: U.S. cross country road trip
Mar – Aug 2015: Backpacking South America and Cuba
Sept – Dec 2015: U.S. (Pacific Northwest and Southwest) road trip
Feb – Aug 2016: Europe by motorhome
Sept – Oct 2016: U.S. national parks road trip
Nov – Dec 2016: Kenya & Egypt

Jean also loves to bake, cook, and dance.  She is fluent in English and knows basic Vietnamese, Japanese, and Spanish. Chris is fluent in English and speaks basic Spanish, French, and American sign language.

2 Responses to About

  1. Bill says:

    Your website has allayed my worries! I was led to it by a member on the Scamp Owners International Forum. I’m taking delivery on a new Scamp 16 in May 2015 and was concerned that I couldn’t find any blogs or websites about extended travel and boondocking in a scamp. I have mapped out itineraries similar to yours. My travels will include visits to my daughter and husband in San Francisco (following the sun) and. in warmer weather, my son and daughter in law in Massachusetts.

    • Jean Nguyen says:

      Bill, that makes me so happy to hear! We are based out of San Francisco. You are going to love boondocking. The sense of freedom fills us with so much indescribable joy.

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