Las Vegas

I think if you’ve lived in California your whole life, the idea of going to Las Vegas in your late 20’s or early 30’s would make you groan.  At least it does for me.  Don’t get me wrong.  Las Vegas is definitely a playground for adults, especially young adults.  Between the age of 21-23, my girl friends and I would flock to Las Vegas at least a couple times per year to get dolled up and party, which is why now the thought of Las Vegas turns me off.  And the last thing I want to do is tow a trailer through a congested and boisterous city.

However we were already at the Grand Canyon and our next major destination was Death Valley.  With Las Vegas so conveniently located between the two national parks, we really had no excuse to skip it.  Plus, it was a Saturday.  We never wanted thought we’d do it but we did.  We took Scromp to Vegas.IMG_6312_fix

The best part was free parking in/near the Bally’s employee parking lot which was literally just down the street from the main strip.  There were at least a half dozen other trailers already parked when we arrived.  Even with its convenient vicinity to the strip, the spacious parking lot was quiet.20151205_150541

After we parked I bought discounted last-minute tickets to a Penn & Teller show.  It was Saturday night in Vegas.  The least we could do was see a show!20151205_223516

And after the comedy show we enjoyed the typical scene at Las Vegas with a stroll through the indoor Bellagio gardens and outdoor water show.  Because it was early December the streets were relatively quiet compared with the hot and busy summers. 20151205_231624 20151205_171643

Within less than 24 hours we were in and out of Vegas.  It was definitely an entertaining detour.

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