Mui Ne (White Sand Dunes, Fishing Village, and the Fairy Stream)

For $15 each, we hired a private jeep and driver for 5 hours to take us 34 km out of Mui Ne to watch the sun rise over the white sand dunes. Off we went at 4:30am, and we arrived at the white sand dunes at 5:30am, which gave us about 16 minutes to hike to the sand dune of our choice. Here are some photos below. IMG_3024 IMG_3028 IMG_3030IMG_3055IMG_3060IMG_20140401_054539IMG_3041 We even released some of Walden’s ashes here: PANO_20140401_054051IMG_3050 After we watched the sun rise, we checked out the fishing village and  “fairy stream.” The fairy stream was quite small, but the rock and sand formations it carved after thousands if not millions of years were definitely stunning. IMG_3092 IMG_3100IMG_3103IMG_3106 IMG_20140401_075443IMG_3116IMG_3121 So there you have it. If you ever find yourself in Vietnam, definitely check out the sleepy beach town of Mui Ne, and visit the red sand dunes at sunset, the white sand dunes at sunrise, and the fairy stream. Mui Ne is a 5 hour bus ride for $7 from Ho Chi Minh City. Worth it!!

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