Dragon’s Back

I “saved” Dragon’s Back for the last day because I knew it would be my most memorable activity in Hong Kong. There was a risk though; almost every 12 hours three days prior to the hike I anxiously checked the weather forecast as the chance of thunderstorms would increase or decrease. With the rainy season, a downpour lasting 5 minutes could easily be followed by an hour of sunshine.

By a stroke of luck, we woke up that morning to our first full day of blue skies and few clouds. No rain for this hike, whoohoo!

Thanks to the information on this blog, we rode the MTR to Chai Wan. From there, we walked a couple short blocks and then hiked up a seemingly endless amount of stairs through a densely packed cemetery. The humidity probably amounted to several pounds of sweaty weight loss. More views of eastern Hong Kong awaited us.IMG_594320140728_092217_2 IMG_5944

At the top of the cemetery were even more stairs!IMG_5946 20140728_091001

Insanely gigantic spiders awaited us.20140728_091417

When we finished climbing the stairs, we found ourselves strolling through the pleasant, shaded woods.IMG_5947IMG_5951

The woods led us to some more stairs:IMG_5958

And finally, we were rewarded with spectacular views from the top of Dragon’s Back.IMG_5953 IMG_5955 IMG_5957 IMG_5959 IMG_5962 IMG_5963IMG_5966 IMG_5968 20140728_103326_2 20140728_110124


Chris took a photosphere, which you should definitely check out here.IMG_5965

From the top, one could easily gaze down upon Shek-O Beach.20140728_110511_2

So we made our way down toward the beach.IMG_5972

Shek-O was lovely. The water temperature was perfect and the calm waves resembled a lake.IMG_5975

After relaxing and swimming at the beach, we took a taxi into the charming town of Stanley where we enjoyed an Italian lunch, some red wine, chocolate cake, and a plate of cheese. Taking a break in Stanley really made me feel like we were back home in California.IMG_5976 IMG_5979

Our final day spent at Dragon’s Back, Shek-O Beach, and Stanley was truly a vacation away from the chaotic Hong Kong. Because of the steep climb, just a slight level of fitness is required which can easily turn off the lazy, dependent tourist–thumbs up for me!

When I first arrived at Hong Kong, I had my doubts on whether or not I would like it. Fortunately, it was just a culture shock that needed some rubbing off.  After my last day, I knew that there would be some things I would miss (other than the pork buns) and I can now easily say without hesitation that I’d like to return.

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  1. toutelazoe says:

    Happy to see you like Hong Kong!

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