The Textures of Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a little touristy beach resort in Southern Vietnam, known for its sand dunes pushed up against the ocean. In my opinion, the main tourist attractions are the red sand dunes at sunset, the white sand dunes at sunrise, the fairy stream, and the fishing village.

I name this post “The Textures of Mui Ne,” and you’ll see why in the pictures below.

Wind-blown sand in the red dunes:


Sand and water flowing through the fairy stream:


A mixture of wind-blown yellow and red sand along rock formations:


A water-flow mixture of red and black sand:


Sand and rock formations:


Wind-blown sand in the white dunes with tracks left behind by a small bird:


Hopefully you’ll find more zoomed-out photos of these in the photos to come below and in the next post about the white sand dunes.

During our 2nd day in Mui Ne we rented a motorbike to cruise around.

IMG_2918 IMG_2919IMG_2925

We made sure to check out the red sand dunes at sunset. They were definitely worth checking out!

IMG_2937IMG_2947IMG_2955 IMG_2958 IMG_2962IMG_20140331_172000IMG_20140331_172351IMG_20140331_171310IMG_2963 IMG_2994

Aaaand check out the sunrise in the white sand dunes, fairy stream, and fishing village in the next post! =D

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