San Diego

In addition to seeing some familiar faces of friends in San Diego, we enjoyed our holiday–where else? At the beach!  Oh, Pacific Ocean, how I’ve missed you so!

First, some pelicans in Coronado were kind enough to let me get this close for some pictures.20141217_101112 20141217_101050

Then we gazed at the breakers from Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.IMG_9222 IMG_922520141217_124400IMG_9228 IMG_9234 IMG_9238 20141217_123608 20141217_123745

On another day we got our fix by making a couple of skydives in Oceanside.  It had been almost 3 months since our last skydive in Moab.  Simply being in the air again rekindled our love for freefall.  Chris loves exiting the aircraft and making that leap into the open sky, while I love cruising beneath my canopy and seeing the world from a bird’s perspective.20141218_150155

Just a typical couples’ photo holding hands and looking at the ocean.IMG_9258

The views of the ocean, warm weather, and fluffy clouds weren’t so bad either. 😉IMG_9257

Throughout this road trip, I’ve cycled and jogged a number of times, but I did not spend any time swimming.  Watching surfers at sunset made me miss open water swimming during autumn in San Francisco; there is something soothing and meditative about watching the sun set over the ocean while treading in its waters after a refreshing workout. 20141218_162359

It had been 6 years since Chris lived in San Diego, and years since I’ve last visited San Diego. Being surrounded by the city’s gorgeous beaches and fresh seafood was a pleasant assimilation back into California.  After San Diego and some quick visits to Palm Springs and Los Angeles to see family, we couldn’t wait to see the famous coastline of California’s Highway 1 back toward home.

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  1. Elaine Gumm says:

    So happy u’all shared your pictures & travels. It has given us the beautiful experience of seeing this beautiful world through your eyes. Thanks for these memories and our visit to San Antonio. Have a blessed new year. How can u top last year? Don’t try!! Just enjoy each day as a new adventure, just as you did last year!!! Sending love😘, Aunt Elaine

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