Myanmar Internet Sucks

Hi Friends and Family,

We are having a fantastic time in Myanmar but we will be unable to post any meaningful stories or share our beautiful photos during our time here.  Internet has only been introduced to this country in recent years, so even posting this entry was painfully slow.

So far we have spent time in Myanmar’s largest city of Yangon, and a sleepy village town of Kalaw.  While Chris was out sick for a few days, I spent the last 3 days and 2 nights trekking 42 miles to Inle Lake. We are currently in Nyuang Shwe, and we will be going to Bagan next. The rest of our self-planned itinerary includes Mrauk U, Mandalay, and Hsi-Paw, and a flight out back to Bangkok.

I’ve been writing a lot, but I probably won’t be able to post any of my entries until the end of the month when we are out of this country.

Thanks for understanding!

Jean & Chris

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